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VEA can provide video support services that consist of creative directors and senior producer skilled in providing creative vision and direction to clients. We first work with our clients to understand their desired outcome, brand and messaging to ensure that we develop concepts and integrate their vision. We will identify the client's target audiences and coordinate activities necessary to efficiently develop videos. Alongside our client, we will create a script/storyboard to ensure that the video is consistent with the brand and direction. Upon client approval of the concepts, our production and post-production teams will use state-of-the-art video, audio and digital technologies; field and/or studio production capabilities; modified previous productions; narration and sound production to deliver effective video, photographic and audio-visual information.  

Check out some of our work below!

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VEA at the 2017 Identity Management Symposium

VEA at the 2017 Identity Management Symposium

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