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What Makes Us Virtual?

Virtual Enterprise Architects (VEA) is a SBA certified small, disadvantaged, woman and minority-owned small business with a track record of delivering high quality Enterprise Architecture (EA), business management and Information Technology (IT) related services to public and private clients. VEA provides services throughout every level of the architecture, including: business, data, software, infrastructure and security services. VEA is a strong prime small business with national recognition for established processes and delivering stellar services. VEA is headquartered in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. However, our consultants are accessible 24/7 and can travel to various client sites and locations depending on the needs of each project. That's what makes us VIRTUAL!


Our mission is to provide holistic consulting integrating the strategy, business, and technology needs of our customers. VEA moves an enterprise from its current state into its future state by transforming first the minds of its leaders, then the enterprise's core business processes and infrastructure.


Our goals are to help our clients:

• Achieve strategic goals dependent upon IT resources

• Improve business performance by maximizing IT efficiency

• Link multiple IT networks, systems, applications, services, and databases across the entire enterprise

• Share information between lines of business

• Reduce duplicative IT resources across the enterprise

• Protect data and IT assets that rely on enterprise-wide approaches

• Maximize the effective use of limited budgets

• Improve human capital management in IT knowledge/skill areas

VEA believes in our nine core values of:


V - Volunteerism: Giving through service.

-   Integrity: Adhering to ethical principles in keeping one's              words and agreements.

R -  Relentlessness: Doing everything we can to drive solutions           and promote change.

T -  Transformation: If we can’t improve it, we won’t touch it.

U -  Unity: Building meaningful relationships with those we                   encounter and promoting mutual respect for others.

A -  Amplification: Amplifying passion, thinking BIG and                       provoking curiosity.

L -   Learning: Always seeking educational advancements to                  improve and enrich professional development and                        understanding.

E -   Excellence: Making heroes of our customers through                      measurable results.

A -  Accountability: Accounting for activities, accepting                         responsibilities and disclosing results in a transparent                   manner.

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