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In today’s competitive marketplace, businesses must balance growing customer demands with increasing cost pressures and compliance regulations. Organizations seek new ways of streamlining business processes and overcoming operational inefficiencies, while still maintaining high performance levels. At VEA, we implement business management solutions that:

• Improve accounting processes and financial insight

• Maximize operational performance

• Optimize sales and marketing processes

• Improve customer response and service


VEA helps your business stay competitive by integrating financial, customer relationship, and supply chain management solutions across your organization. Our team makes it easy and economical for your employees to access secure, real-time, business-critical information where they already work and collaborate. Our solutions allow your organization to:

• Improve bottom-line results

• Plan more effectively

• Achieve better alignment with strategic initiatives

• Make more informed business decisions


Additionally, we implement a comprehensive, easy-to-use performance management approach that provides critical business information, allowing your business to stay competitive as it grows.



• IT Governance Planning

• Strategic Planning

• Strategic Plan Development

• Business Case Development

• Capital Planning and Investment Control

• Business Architecture Development

• Financial Management

• Enterprise Resource Planning

• Human Resource Support

• Workforce Development and Training

• Communications and Outreach

• Proposal Development and Management

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