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Realizing the full potential of Enterprise Architecture (EA) can be challenging given its many aspects, including architecture planning, governance, taxonomies, and ontologies. Without the right guidance and support, EA quickly becomes complicated.Virtual Enterprise Architects (VEA) helps you understand EA and interpret it for your organization. All of our projects are carefully reviewed and scoped to ensure compatibility of skills and resources with your project needs. VEA provides you with the tools, platforms, and services needed to establish and meet business standards. Trust our experts to transition your business into the future!



• EA Framework Selection

• Modeling to represent the OMB EA Reference Models

• Model Driven Architecture Integration

• EA Program Management

• EA Team Development

• EA Requirements Development

• Architecture Documentation

• Architecture Tool Selection and Integration

• “As-is” and “To-be” Gap Analysis

• Architecture Transition Management

• Exhibit 300 Development and Analysis

• Tool and Methodology Training

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